Home fitness routines: pandemic edition

A question a friend asked me at the start of the year was: what is the one thing you hope won’t end when the vaccines come. My answer came easy — zoom fitness classes! I just love how I only need to throw on my workout clothes literally 5 minutes before the class and as soon as the class ends, I can hop right back in to what I was working on in my laptop, or whatever it is on my plate for the day. No traffic, parking, Grab issues. No temptations to pass by that smoothie joint located just outside my gym (although admittedly that was nice).

Today I’m going to talk about some of the online-based fitness classes I’ve managed to try and why they’ve worked for me. If you’re like me, you’ve probably made your fitness goals for the year. Maybe this will help. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list — just a very short list of the things I’ve personally tried and liked.

For yoga, I’ve tried a few yoga classes at Urban Ashram. What I like about them is they have different classes for different skill levels. You never have to feel shy about being a beginner. They also have different yoga practices so whether you do Hatha or Ashtanga or Vinyasa, you’ll be right at home. They also have restorative or relaxing yoga, which is more meditative, and I like to do that at the end of a long day (or a long zoom webinar!) They often have promos, especially for beginners, so you can try it out first at a budget-friendly price.

For those who don’t like live classes because their schedules are erratic, I recommend the Down Dog app. Their primary thing is yoga, but they also have HIIT classes. What I like about it is you can choose the body part to focus on, the skill level, the music genre, the pace, and even the voice of the instructor. Here’s their website in case you’re interested.

My home fitness habit, however, and my online “home” for all things fitness is Plana Forma. I’ve been going to their studio since 2014 (albeit on and off) so I’m familiar with the Plana Forma barre routine. But more than that, unlike a lot of studios, they transitioned to virtual really well. Booking for the class is intuitive and done through the website, they send you a zoom link and when you enter the zoom meeting room, everything feels organized and professional. There’s an “admin” that first announces the house rules, then the teacher comes in to brief on the movements, then 50 solid minutes of hard work. It’s fun, never repetitive, and there are always modifications in case your body wants to take it easy for the day. The teachers are friendly and accommodating to newbies. Check them out here.

Do I miss the socializing at the gym? Or the quick coffee date after a yoga class at the studio? Yes, of course. But that will come in time. Meanwhile, there are lots to be happy about in just clicking a zoom link and pulsing at the barre (or makeshift barre aka dining room chair) or finding yourself in Warrior 2. Also you can snore during shavasana and no one will mind!

As a yoga company said, nama-stay at home!

My workout buddy and me

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